Description de l'image

The plan of her vision draws itself as it happens… a long process of gestation and production where time escapes her.

She likes to disrupt senses by offering astonishing textures, where the link between the eye and the tactile sensation creates a surprise.


She creates without theorizing, just a bubbling, an emulation. The piece imposes itself, talks about her obsessions, her human and supernatural journey.

She falls within interdisciplinarity, an effervescent climate.


All forms of expression are ways to deepen, offer what she wishes to pass on emotionally… Sparkling of purity, quest for primitive.


A work that believes in magic, mystery, universe.

She gives birth to an oneiric world, with an obsessing fertility, filled with creatures, rituals, adornments, fetishes, masks, words, where the body and her body in movement are at the art of research.


She sees her life as a long creative process.



She works on materials and fabrics, moving them from their reality, in a plastic approach, rich of inventions, flamboyance, detachment from dogmas and all sorts of established manners, her works carries the value of being free.

She uses manipulations, procedures she invents and develops through an alchemy only her has the secret.

Her needle meddles in tiny interstices. Her achievements end up very elaborated in their details. She shows the inside and outside, each piece is reversible.

Her pieces of art, whether they are clothing, plastic, photographic, have a familiar and strange feeling at the same time… devoured, crushed, woven, coloured, embroidered, tattooed, stamped, tied, lacerated.

She draws her inspiration from accidents, randomness, desire, to develop and push the result towards an infinity of perceptions and intuitions.

She elaborates from spontaneity and transforms this almost nothing into an obsession of a meticulous expert.

Description de l'image